A Little Drinking Never Hurt Anyone...

It’s no surprise that drinking is a prominent in the show Mad Men. From Old Fashioned’s to Bloody Mary’s, all types of drinks are seen throughout series. What’s even more surprising is that fact that most men in the series seem to be constantly drinking no matter what time it is. Roger asks Don if it’s too early to drink, but shrugs and pours himself a drink anyway. This nonchalant attitude causes any viewer to ask themselves, “Did people really drink like this in the 1960’s?”

Back in the 60’s, it was very common for executives to drink on the job. Natasha Vargas-Cooper, author of “Mad Men Unbuttoned”, says that the office was where people came to make money. Values were left at home, and therefore when you see someone drinking during the day or being crude to women in the office, it’s not an exaggeration. A popular daily activity in the 60’s were the three-martini lunch. Tom Borne, Asher Agency’s account supervisor, recollects that some instances one martini would turn into multiple. The end of the three-martini lunch started with Jimmy Carter. During his ’76 presidential campaign, he attacked businessmen for these three-martini dinners for classifying them as “business expenses.” In addition, many businesses and even government agencies put programs in effect which prevented employees from being intoxicated at work. However, can having a drink or two at work actually boost productivity in the office? A recent study by the University of Illinois found that subjects who were mildly drunk performed better in problem-solving situations. 

Although the three-martini lunches may be dead, nothing can stop high power businessmen from enjoying a drink or two during the day. The current day wall street businessmen are infamous for their crazy and extravagant lifestyles. The Mad Men series romanticized the idea of getting a client drinks at lunch and persuading them to sign a contract. However, drinks in the workplace are usually consumed when celebration is in effect. Whatever the reason for drinking today, it doesn’t hurt to enjoy a couple of old fashions after a long workday. 

(A little bonus for you guys. Every super cut of every drink in the Mad Men series)

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