You can tell a lot about a man from what he is drinking. In the case of Roger and Don each drink their own distinct potent alcoholic concoction. Roger’s chosen poison is the Gibson Martini. Don’s favorite liquid pastime would be the iconic Old Fashion. Each liquor is quite strong enough to take the edge off of any stresses experienced at Roger Sterling. In many ways the drink each man drinks says a lot about his personality.

Roger’s choice of the Gibson martini mirrors his elegance and higher upbringing. The Gibson Martini is a clear gin drink that packs quite the punch. The Gibson martini has a lot in common with the man who enjoys them. The martini is clean and fancy. Roger is clean cut, well dressed, and shows often his wealthy background. Roger is drinking his equivalent in an alcoholic form.

Don on the other hand prefers the hardy Old Fashion. The Old Fashion is a dark bourbon drink. Just like the Gibson Martini and Roger, Don and the Old Fashion share many characteristics. Don is dark and mysterious just like the appearance of his favorite drink. An Old Fashion is served in a scotch glass, a sign of true manliness. This manly appearance goes hand in hand with Don’s rugged and masculine persona.

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  1. I liked your topic, I thought it was a very interesting idea comparing the two men's alcoholic drink preference to their personalities. I generally enjoyed the writing as it was a pretty easy read. This post does a good job of staying clear and straight to the point.One thing that could improve the post would be the inclusion of a title. That would help the reader know ahead of time what they are reading. The inclusion of pictures is helpful, seeing the drinks allows the reader to visually compare the drink and the man.